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Pedigree of Teya
1st Generation
2nd Generation
3rd Generation
4th Generation
5th Generation
GCH Takhari's Heart of Fire at Winter Haven Wildestar's Kaniq CH. Wildestar's North Face CH. Demavand's Kiev CH. Sno-Den's Isaac
Demavand's Kadian Kandy
BISS/CH. Wildestar's Cat Ballou BISS/CH. Wildestar's Fire 'N Ice
CH. Demavand's Sappho
CH.Cimarron's Bellatrix CH. Wildestar's Song to Orion CH. Demavand's Kiev
CH. Demavand's Sappho
CH. Wildestar's Evening Star CH. Wildestar's Mile High Salute
Karnovanda's La Bella Luna
Takhari's Take Aim BISS/CH. Myeska's Fired-Up O'Winterhaven CH. Seeonee's Aim High of Takhari CH. Kaila's Reo Lobo of Sno Strip
CH. Artika's Vanishing Point
BISS/ CH. Syntari's Puff of Smoke CH. Holy Smoke of the Midnight Sun
Syntari's Cause a Commotion
CH. Stardust of the Midnight Sun CH. Holy Smoke of the Midnight Sun Kaila's Baccarat
CH. Dimondust of the Midnight Sun
CH. Tunguska Ten of the Midnight Sun CH. Tullemore's Copyright
CH. Tumbleweed of the Midnight Sun




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