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Pedigree of Ch. Wildestar's Kiowa Wolfe
1st Generation
2nd Generation
3rd Generation
4th Generation
5th Generation
Ch. Wildestar's Kiowa Wolfe Ch. Kaila's Tom E. Wolfe Ch. Kaila's Temujin of Innisfree Ch. Innisfree's Pegasus Ch. Alakazan's Nikolai
Ch. Innisfree's Oomachuk
Ch. Innisfree's Goldilocks Ch. Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
Innisfree's Fireweed
Ch. Kaila's Winter Eve of Rusojhn Ch. Artic's Rogue of Innisfree Ch. Innisfree's Royal Purple
Innisfree's Kismet
Ch. Dudley's Kaila of Innisfree Ch. Dudley's Tavar of Innisfree
Ch. Dudley's Tava of Innisfree
Ch. Gilpak's Wildefire Ch. Innisfree's Gilpak Macho Ch. Innisfree's Red Roadster Ch. Weldon's Beau-Tukker
Ch. Innisfree's Kissing Sinner
Sekene's Sno Fluri M'Cracken's Apache
M'Cracken's Eastern Dancer
Sekene's Special Blend Can. Ch. Innisfree's Beau Gest Ch. Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
Innisfree's Bronwyn
Innisfree's Karma of Sno-Frye Ch. Innisfree's Pegasus
Innisfree's Beau Biddy




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